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Wolf management in Wyoming

I understand that there have been concerns expressed regarding my involvement with the wolf lawsuit, and my view of wolf management in Wyoming. I want to set the record straight in case there is any question about my commitment in that regard. I was first hired by the “Wolf Coalition” in 2002 to file suit […]

Marijuana – I do not believe in legalizing something that we know is bad for our citizens solely for the purpose of taxing it.

As I have traveled the state I have been asked about my position on legalizing marijuana. While I am willing to work with the experts to assess whether we should consider the legalization of marijuana or its byproducts for medical uses, I do not support legalization for recreational use. My position in that regard is […]

We must reform federal land management and access

The federal government owns approximately 30,000,000 acres of land within the State of Wyoming, or 48.2% of our surface estate. The decisions made by federal land management bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., have caused, among other things, the incidence of ever-increasing catastrophic wild fires, the pine beetle outbreak, destruction of our National Grasslands, the closure of […]