Entries by Erica Mitchell

We must protect Wyoming’s water

I have spent the last twenty years of my career fighting to protect Wyoming’s water, both as against the demands of down-stream states as well as from the federal government’s overreach and water grabs. I will fight to protect Wyoming’s water and our users. I will not tolerate the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) attempting to […]

We must reform our health-care system, provide more effective services to our aging population, and help families struggling with mental health issues

The further the decision-maker is from the point of execution the worse the ultimate care will be. The solutions to the health-care situation in this Country are to be found at the local level, not with the federal government. Wyoming must be willing to innovate in terms of health-care policy and delivery. Wyoming should seek […]

We must have accountability when undertaking economic development and diversification

Economic development should be for the purpose of bettering our citizens, for creating jobs, and not for growing government. Our state agencies and boards must be dedicated to fostering economic development and diversification, not stifling it. We must also have full accountability for any economic development program that is funded with public moneys. We must […]

We must pursue a value-added approach within our existing business structure and industries

We should support our business community to innovate, develop, and manufacture new products using our existing natural resources and industries. We should focus upon using the byproducts of our existing industries to produce a broader array of goods for intrastate and interstate consumption. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) frequently uses petroleum-based products as raw materials. Locating […]

We must embrace, support, defend, protect, and advocate for our legacy industries

We must embrace, support, defend, protect and advocate for our legacy industries: Minerals; Agriculture; and Tourism (including hunting, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling, etc.). The development, management, and use of our natural resources are what finance the Wyoming economy, including funding our schools, our infrastructure, and our public services (just to name a few). We should […]

We must have a robust school curriculum that includes United States and Wyoming history, with an emphasis on our constitution

President Lincoln famously said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are witnessing a concerted effort on many college campuses to undermine our Republic, our form of government, and our freedoms and liberties as guaranteed by our federal and state Constitutions. Those efforts are tearing our Country apart. Without a shared history we […]

We must provide more transparency in education funding, including providing additional data on the amount of money spent in the classroom, on administration and on overhead

I support our K-12 education, our Community Colleges, and our University of Wyoming, and in fact received an excellent education from all of these institutions. We must ensure that our students are well educated. We must do so in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We must be more open and transparent in relation to education […]

We must control spending, not raise taxes

The State of Wyoming should not be spending more money than it takes in. Any discussion of raising taxes creates uncertainty in the business community, hinders our ability to attract new industries, and stifles job growth. We must bring our spending in line with our revenues. We cannot use one-time or “windfall” funds to meet […]