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We must practice good government in all branches, in all agencies, and in all aspects of governing

Wyoming citizens are entitled to a cost-effective, efficient, responsible, and responsive government. Our government must be held accountable to the citizenry that it was created to serve. We need evidence-based governance. Our public servants, including the Governor, must be able to show that we can and will succeed at fixing an identified problem. We must […]

We must fundamentally reform the regulatory state

A government that is closest to the people is more accountable, more responsive and more effective A government that is far removed from the people becomes unaccountable, less responsive, less responsible, less effective, more expensive, and more corrupt. It is our elected representatives who are ultimately answerable to us. We must therefore make sure that […]

We must honor, adhere to, and follow our Constitution

Our constitutional framework was unique in the world when it was created and remains one of the most significant developments in governing philosophy in human history. Our Constitution limits the reach and power of the federal government, with individual freedom and liberty being the cornerstone of our Republic. Unlike the pre-United States historical view of […]

My commitment to Wyoming

I am pro family, pro liberty, and pro effective and smart government. I have been called to serve, just like so many in my family before me have served. I am called to serve my community, my state, and my Country as a problem solver; and as an advocate for our citizens, our industries, our […]