Fighting for Wyoming Families

My name is Harriet Hageman. I fulfill many roles – wife, grandmother, aunt, great-aunt, caregiver, Republican Party Precinct Committeewoman, as well as water and natural resources attorney. Most recently, I am a candidate for governor of the State of Wyoming. Since this is my first campaign for public office, I wasn’t sure how I would balance all of these roles. What I have found is that these roles are not only related, they are complementary.

I am blessed to say that my mother, five of my sisters and brothers, and ten of my twelve nieces and nephews live in Wyoming. We are an extremely close family with little strife, which I know is not the case for all families. I am reminded every day of how lucky I am to say that my closest friends are also my family members. I would do anything for them, and they would do anything for me. Quite simply, they are the reason I am running for governor.

This race has always been about advocating for Wyoming families, including my own. My efforts and decisions are fueled by a vision for prosperity that I have for them. I want to bolster Wyoming’s trade programs to encourage more young people to follow in the footsteps of my nephew Merritt, who is currently training as an electrician’s apprentice in Douglas. I want to make sure that education funding is prioritized for our students and teachers so that my nephew Sam can succeed in his first year as a math teacher in Laramie. I want to fight for lasting regulatory reform so that my nephews Brett, Lane, Theron, and Wyatt can succeed with their cattle ranching operations in Goshen County. I want to ensure that the University of Wyoming continues to provide robust undergraduate and graduate programs for my nephew Joe (studying law) and niece Lexi (studying history). I want to make Wyoming the most business friendly State in the Country so that my niece Kia can have a successful accounting career in Sheridan and my niece Jamie can continue to support small businesses and families as an insurance agent in Lusk. I want to encourage growth in our existing business sectors so that my nieces Carolyn (a communications expert) and Demoni (a recent law graduate), both of whom have chosen to start families in other states, can return to Wyoming if they so choose. I want to work with our community colleges to train students in providing elder care so that people like my mom can stay in their homes for as long as possible.

When I started my campaign, I chose the slogan “Fighting for Wyoming Families.” I chose that slogan in part because as a candidate I am fighting for the future of my family. In truth though, Wyoming is small enough that we sink or swim together; prosperity for your family means prosperity for my family. As governor I will be fighting for your family every bit as much as I will be fighting for my own.

I recognize that simply having a vision for prosperity doesn’t make me qualified to be governor. For that, we need someone with the guts to fight and the knowledge to implement an effective administration. I have spent my career as an advocate for Wyoming businesses, municipalities, irrigation districts, sportsmen groups, and families, ensuring equal access to justice for those being marginalized by an overreaching government bureaucracy. A quick review of my record will show you that no one has been a stronger fighter for Wyoming’s people.

Through this work I have collaborated with brilliant minds from every industry and government sector, from geologists to ecologists, engineers to accountants, public employees to CEOs. I have forged deep relationships with Wyoming people who know Wyoming issues; fiscal and constitutional conservatives who I have personally vetted and who can implement an effective State government that is accountable, efficient, and transparent. Above all, I am prepared to step into office as an advocate for this State, bringing to bear all of the policy knowledge and regulatory expertise that is necessary to free our industries, counties, towns, hospitals, colleges, school districts, and families to develop innovative solutions to Wyoming issues.

As governor, I can’t solve all of the problems. However, I can create an atmosphere in which private enterprise, and more specifically Wyoming people, can solve them.

It is my vision for Wyoming families, united with my experience fighting for them that makes me uniquely qualified for the Office of Governor. I am asking for your vote on or before August 21st because the future of Wyoming families will be shaped by the next administration, and I look forward to shaping that future as your next governor.