We must ensure our veterans and their families have access to the benefits and services they have earned

  • We are blessed to have over 48,000 veterans who call Wyoming home. We must ensure they have expedient and reliable access to services and benefits throughout the state.
  • We must continue to fully utilize the Wyoming Veterans Commission ensuring all statutory requirements are fulfilled, and best practices from other states are applied in Wyoming. I will fully support all 12 of our Governor appointed State Veteran Commissioners and assure they are entirely committed to the mission.
  • We must standardize Wyoming’s filing and processing of veterans benefits to ensure all veterans throughout the state are receiving the same benefits.
  • We must support the construction of a Veterans Skilled Nursing Center (Bill no. 0031, SEA no. 0021.) Without a Skilled Nursing Center many of our veterans are prohibited from using a critical benefit worth nearly $40,000 a year in per diem which could be applied at a skilled nursing center.
  • As a rural state, we must secure Highly Rural Transportation Grants to ensure all of our veterans have dependable access to care facilities throughout the network. Rural grants are awarded through the Veterans Administration (VA) and allow states to sub-contract local transportation.
  • We must utilize our full legislative power to advocate for better customer service from the VA, specifically support President Trump’s, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie’s vision to create more choices and availability of professional care for our veterans.
  • We have a duty to serve those who have served us, it is my vision to empower the Wyoming Veterans Commission to be the national champion of Veteran Services.