We must control spending, not raise taxes

  • The State of Wyoming should not be spending more money than it takes in.
  • Any discussion of raising taxes creates uncertainty in the business community, hinders our ability to attract new industries, and stifles job growth.
  • We must bring our spending in line with our revenues.
  • We cannot use one-time or “windfall” funds to meet long-term spending obligations.
  • States that do not overspend, who keep taxes low, and provide for a competitive business climate attract more businesses than those that follow a tax-and-spend model.
  • Attracting more businesses for the benefit of our citizens should be our goal; not finding ways to generate more tax revenue for the state.
  • There are simply not enough people in Wyoming who would pay an income tax to generate sufficient revenue to fund our government, especially in light of Article 15, Section 18 of the Wyoming Constitution.
  • We must fix our structural budget deficits in order to ensure that our children and grandchildren do not suffer for the decisions that we are making today. It is immoral to burden future generations by prolific government spending.