We must embrace, support, defend, protect, and advocate for our legacy industries

  • We must embrace, support, defend, protect and advocate for our legacy industries:
    • Minerals;
    • Agriculture; and
    • Tourism (including hunting, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling, etc.).
  • The development, management, and use of our natural resources are what finance the Wyoming economy, including funding our schools, our infrastructure, and our public services (just to name a few). We should be proud of these industries and challenge any effort to limit or destroy our producers and business owners. The development of these resources has improved not only the standard of living of those of us in Wyoming, but the standard of living of citizens throughout the United States and beyond, generating a level of prosperity unrivaled in world history.
  • We must aggressively market these industries not only in Wyoming and the United States, but throughout the world.
  • We must fight to defend and support these industries, with the state taking an active role in blocking not only regulatory overreach, but other outside forces that seek to turn Wyoming into something that we do not want, and that seek to prevent us from moving our products to the outside markets.