We must fundamentally reform the regulatory state

  • A government that is closest to the people is more accountable, more responsive and more effective
  • A government that is far removed from the people becomes unaccountable, less responsive, less responsible, less effective, more expensive, and more corrupt.
  • It is our elected representatives who are ultimately answerable to us. We must therefore make sure that they are the ultimate decision-makers; the ones who debate the bills and pass the laws. We must move away from the idea that state and federal regulators are empowered to adopt the type of rules that can crush our industries and destroy our economy.
  • Federal regulatory employees in Washington, D.C. have become largely unaccountable to the citizens who pay their salaries and for whom they work. We can no longer tolerate this situation.
  • We must have a full review of all regulations on the books. We must also impose a temporary moratorium on the adoption of new regulations in Wyoming (with the exception of those necessitated by an emergency). Such moratorium should remain in place until our review is complete and recommendations made for the repeal of all superfluous, outdated, and unnecessary regulations.
  • We must ensure that our citizens have expedited access to the courts whenever civil or criminal penalties are imposed by a regulatory agency.