We must have a robust school curriculum that includes United States and Wyoming history, with an emphasis on our constitution

  • President Lincoln famously said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are witnessing a concerted effort on many college campuses to undermine our Republic, our form of government, and our freedoms and liberties as guaranteed by our federal and state Constitutions. Those efforts are tearing our Country apart. Without a shared history we cannot foster and protect a shared future.
  • We must ensure that our students – our future leaders – understand our foundational documents and our history so that they are prepared to lead, to protect our Republic, and to protect our individual liberties. With the aid of our Wyoming Supreme Court, our Law School, our legislators, and our educators, we will strive to develop a curriculum for our High School students that emphasizes these principles. Such students should be sufficiently proficient in these topics to pass a test formulated to evaluate their knowledge.