We must have accountability when undertaking economic development and diversification

  • Economic development should be for the purpose of bettering our citizens, for creating jobs, and not for growing government.
  • Our state agencies and boards must be dedicated to fostering economic development and diversification, not stifling it.
  • We must also have full accountability for any economic development program that is funded with public moneys.
  • We must have a full accounting of how much “economic development” has cost our local governments and our state to date, and the benefits received.
  • For all future economic development projects:
    • we must know prior to approval how much money will be spent and for what purpose;
    • we must establish detailed goals for each project before approval;
    • we must identify the measures of success for each project before it is funded; and
      once the project is completed we must report to the citizens how the promises made compare with the project outcome.