We must honor, adhere to, and follow our Constitution

  • Our constitutional framework was unique in the world when it was created and remains one of the most significant developments in governing philosophy in human history. Our Constitution limits the reach and power of the federal government, with individual freedom and liberty being the cornerstone of our Republic.
  • Unlike the pre-United States historical view of the relationship between governments and individuals, our constitutional framework confirmed that our individual rights do not come from the government, but from God. As laid out in the very Preamble to the Wyoming Constitution:

“We, the people of the State of Wyoming, grateful to God for our civil, political and religious liberties, and desiring to secure them to ourselves and perpetuate them to our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

  • The significance of this recognition cannot be overstated. If our innate civil rights and liberties are not granted by government, then government has no ability to take them away.
  • Our forefathers and mothers were people of faith. They understood that you could not have a just and fair government unless you had a moral society. Our Constitutions are based on those principles.
  • We must return to the foundational Constitutional principles of limited government, personal autonomy, personal freedom, and personal responsibility. We must demand that our government focus upon carrying out those purposes for which it was created: national security, criminal justice and civil law. We must demand that our leaders follow the Constitution, and we must demand that they protect our God-given rights.