We must reform our health-care system, provide more effective services to our aging population, and help families struggling with mental health issues

  • The further the decision-maker is from the point of execution the worse the ultimate care will be. The solutions to the health-care situation in this Country are to be found at the local level, not with the federal government.
  • Wyoming must be willing to innovate in terms of health-care policy and delivery. Wyoming should seek a waiver from certain federal mandates in order to allow this to happen.
  • Keeping our seniors in their own homes will reduce the long-term cost of care and provide for a better quality of life. We should work with our college system to develop programs focused upon geriatric care.
  • We must consider ways in which our current regulatory requirements for senior residential facilities hinder our ability to provide high quality care at lower costs, including using our assisted living facilities more effectively.
  • We have families who are struggling with the mental illness of their loved ones, including sons, daughters, parents, and siblings. We have communities that are struggling to find beds and facilities to treat their citizens who may be suffering from these afflictions. We must find more effective ways of dealing with these situations in order to provide relief and support to our families.