Wyoming Not for Sale

Yesterday marked a key moment in Wyoming’s electoral process. By midnight on August 14, each candidate for public office was required to submit a campaign finance disclosure report to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office outlining the financial contributions he or she received. The results of these financial disclosures unveil the scale of the funds being poured into this race.

Several of the other GOP gubernatorial candidates have spent anywhere from $1.5 – $2.2 million of their personal fortunes in order to buy the right to be Wyoming’s next governor; that’s 10-15 times as much as I have spent out of my own pocket.

Compared to my closest opponents, it is clear that my candidacy has been fueled by a solid grassroots effort and the financial support of hundreds of individual Wyoming donors who are excited about my vision for the State.

Reporting on these results, the Casper Star Tribune lays bare this dependence on personal fortunes and out of state money. From a total of $2,511,419.76 reported by FRIESS FOR GOVERNOR, the Tribune explains, “Friess donors gave him about $90,000 and earned him the unique distinction of having more contributors outside Wyoming than in it.”

Additionally, Wyofile.com’s report on Friess’s fundraising notes that, “Of the 67 individual contributions he’s received, 24 have come from donors listing a Wyoming address. 14 of those were from Jackson or Wilson.” By stark comparison, my campaign has had more than six times as many individual donors from all over the State. In fact, my report outlines 432 donations from individual Wyomingites that support my grassroots campaign for governor.

Wyoming needs a governor with the ability to do more with less, and that is what I have sought to do as a candidate. Rather than throwing fistfuls of money at a problem, an effective administration should analyze, plan, and re-analyze, carefully considering the cost-benefit ratio of any new project or endeavor.

Operating on a far smaller budget, my grassroots campaign has been driven by talking to Wyomingites directly and listening to their concerns. I’ve driven over 38,000 miles during my seven months on the campaign trail, talking to voters directly in every single Wyoming county. Rather than sending flashy mailers, my volunteers and I have been delivering our message to voters at the doorstep. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV advertising, my campaign has stayed at the forefront of this race by delivering substantive policy statements through social media channels and personal phone calls. I still believe that in Wyoming, the candidate who works hardest to earn your vote will succeed over those who use their personal fortune to try to buy the election.

The success of our message, despite being outspent on every level, speaks to the hunger that Wyomingites have for a return to conservative, constitutional governance. But this race isn’t over. While I would sincerely appreciate your financial support, the most important thing to me is your vote. I ask that you please join our grassroots effort in any way that you can and remind them to vote on or before next Tuesday, August 21st.